5 Women Vaginal Problems That Affect Your Sex Life

5 Women Vaginal Problems That Affect Your Sex Life

In today’s era, many women will suffer from various kinds of illness that goes beyond to affect their sexual lives and their general state of mind.

There are many vaginal problems that affect the sex life and the most commonly diagnosed problems are down there, such as:

1. Vaginitis:

The burning during urine, itching and pain results into vaginitis which forms with the disruption in the natural balance of bacteria.

Main causes of such infection: The causes of such infection are hormonal changes occur due to birth control pills, menopause, diabetes, frequent sexual intercourse, sex with multiple partners, all are common culprits.

How it can be treated: It can be easily cured with oral treatment or vaginal antibiotics.

2. Yeast infection:

It is caused with the overgrowth of fungus called as candida that normally lives in vagina.

Symptoms: The vagina indicates such infection in the forms of thick white discharge with slight odor. It may also results into itching, genital soreness or irritation.

How it can be treated: To treat such infection the women should simply insert a prescribed cream or an ovule at bedtime. They can also take a prescribed oral antifungal named as Diflucan.

3. Vulvodynia:

Some women may always complain about vaginal burning and severe pain while intercourse results into vulvodynia.

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Main causes: There is no exactly cause of vulvodynia but possible symptoms are injury to nerves in the vulva, hypersensitivity to candida etc.

How it can be treated: It can be treated with tricyclic antideoressants, estrogen creams, and surgery.

4. Vaginismus:

It is a rare condition in which the muscles surrounding the vagina becomes so tightly that you can’t have sex or even insert a tampon.

Main causes: The main cause of vaginismus is unknown but stress incontinence plays a major role in this.

How it can be treated: Physical therapists helps to correct structural abnormalities by using manual therapy that will retain pelvic muscles. They also teach the method to perform techniques by own at home using dilators and their own fingers, to stretch and massage the muscles. Other treatments may also include sex therapy, hypnotherapy and so on.

5. Fibroids:

Fibroids are the uterine tumors, which can cause cancer only 0.1% of time are grow by the surge of hormones women have during their teenage years.

Main cause of fibroids: It may cause naturally after menopause. It may results into cramping, painful intercourse, excessive bleeding during menstruation etc.

How it can be treated: It can be treated by using hysterectomy where the surgeon can remove the fibroid. Other solution is uterine artery embolization, in which the blood supply cuts off to uterus which forces the fibroid to shrink. There is also a nonsurgical treatment by using ultrasound where fibroid is dissolved with heat.

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