4 Home Remedies To Treat Sunburns

4 Home Remedies To Treat Sunburns

Having a sunburn is nothing uncommon during the summer months particularly. You might have a wonderful beach vacation basking in the summer sun, but after coming home, you find the great sunburn that has taken place. Basically, a sunburn makes one look tanned and dark. But excess of sun exposure might be harmful for the skin too. Experts recommend dabbing religious amounts of sunscreen before going out in the sun, but still there are high chances of sunburns taking place.

According to best-home-remedies.com, the remedies listed below are simple yet effective in treating sunburns at home.

1. Cucumber

Cucumber abounds in analgesic and antioxidant properties. This helps in soothing the pain from sunburn and also fights the inflammation successfully. The skin gets hydration from this natural ingredient too. Use cucumber, as a mask by mashing the same and applying it on the affected areas. The cucumber should be chilled. Let the mask be there for 15-20 minutes before being washed off. Juice from cucumber can also be extracted and sprayed on the sunburn areas on the skin for relief.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt helps in maintaining pH levels in the skin. This leads to faster healing. The natural cooling property of yogurt relieves the irritation and heat effect. If yogurt is applied on a regular basis, discoloration of the skin due to sunburn can be minimized to a great extent. This is because yogurt has mild bleaching properties. You will need unflavored and unsweetened yogurt. Apply the yogurt to the sunburn affected areas. Let it be there for 20 minutes till it dries completely. Use cold water for washing off the yogurt.

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3. Aloe Vera

When it comes to skin care or sunburn remedies, Aloe Vera needs special mention. Aloe Vera gel has amazing soothing and cooling properties. Irritation and pain from sunburn is soothed with the gel of the plant. The gel hydrates the skin and also accelerates skin healing. Take some Aloe Vera leaves and cut them to extract the fresh gel. Keep the gel in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then apply the same on sunburn areas. Keep for an hour and wash off with cold water.

4. Potatoes

Potatoes abound in starch and this helps in absorbing excess heat from the skin surface and reduces the pain caused by sunburn. You will need peeled and mashed potato. Rubbing a peeled potato on a sunburn surface for 10 minutes reduces burning. Paste of cold potato can also be made and applied on the sunburned skin.

Steer clear from cosmetics, as these home remedies can do the trick for you. Try them today!